10 things to do for prevent cancer?

So nowadays the number one killer in our world is cancer….. It’s kills with lungcancer, coloncancer, skincancer, oesphaguscancer, mouthcancer, stomachcancer, kidneycancer and ovarioncancer. I could go on and on, sadly. So after years of research and looking for  the best information the world cancer research fund international came with 10 tips to improve your health… Read More 10 things to do for prevent cancer?


Sweetner friend or foe?

So your nanna, throwing like 2 in a cup of coffee, your  ”fitgirl” friend who is pimping up her bowl of oats. That white powdery stuff, which you can throw on your kitchen cabinet, open up and sniff it like is a packet of heroin…..( don’t do that). So many of us, SO FREAKY MANY… Read More Sweetner friend or foe?