what I have learned from being way to thin to chubby

I think If we talk about weight, we can talk about it for more than a week and still be in a discussion. A lot of people have different types of opinions on what health should be, but what is it to you? After being every size I could possible imagine, I LEARNED A LOT!

I especially learned, that how I like it, Is being balanced. Normal eating is something that is often a topic, but what is it? Well how about eating, because you like it, enjoy it and only for the purpose to life your life and not change your body. Food gets such an other place in your head, if you know what it can do for you. You’re going to suck up to it, to give you abs, make you bulk or even lose weight.

Now is the moment you need something else from food. You need something mental of it……. You want it to change you, make you happy, make you confident, but that’s all you baby and NOT your food.

Before you think that food is like a miracle wonder that can help releasing your sadness (binge eating) or encourage you (eating out of happiness). Well gonna tell you the truth it is not. You need a deep conversation and for a long time and multiple times.

I learned that I need to fix my head before I should fix my body and if I need to lose weight, than let me think and give me time how to sort that out. And it’s never to late to ask help!


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