Is candy that bad for you?

Candy is like a no no. When your small, you heard ”you can only have one”, ”’It is going to ruin your appetite” and much more. Is it that bad? Well….. it’s starch, numerous types of sugar, gelatine, no micronutrients and should i go on?

Still you can make it healthy, by keeping a healthy diet. follow the 80/20 rule and you can sneek a bit of candy anytime. Just remember what your parents told you.

But how?

let’s say you have a calorie count for 1800 a day. You can use the candy as an pre workout and take serving before working-out  (let’s say 30 minutes beforehand). So you get your treat and your power at the same time. that using, without abusing. I would not say that eating candy in the morning is such a smart thing to do, insuline levels would spike rapidly, leaving you tired.

Always keep a healthy diet and even if it fits your macros, dont abuse them!

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