Recipe: Easy VEGAN yoghurt breakfast

Easy peasy vegan breakfast. You just need 3 things and your fixed for the morning. You could make a snack of it and your hitting all your micronutrients. Always choose a soja yoghurt whom is fortified. So you can get your vitamine B12, Iron and calcium. So lets get this recipe started!


  • melon (or other peace of fruit, like pineappel, avocado, pear, orange, pomelo etc)
  • 150 ml soja yoghurt
  • 4o grams of granola, muesli or oats (find one with no honey, this is 4 tablespoons)


  • take the fruit , cut it in half and scoop the pulp out of it
  • take the yoghurt and add it in the fruit
  • add the granola, muesli, oats
  • serve it!

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