10 facts and myths about food and sports!

So a lot of myths are trown in the social media scene about food and sports and as a dietitian I constantly am amazed how people can tell this, without science backing it up or how about an education? Let’s start with 10 myths and facts, so we got that out of the room!

A grilled cheese sandwich is more fat than a normal cheese sandwich.

Mythe, A grilled cheese sandwich whom is made with the same bread and cheese is not fatter then the same sandwich whom is not grilled. It look fatter, because of the fat that now is visible due to the heat. By adding ketchup, you get a bit more calories, but you can also eat it plain.

drinking a glass of juice has the same amount of sugar as an glass of soda.

Fact, a glass of juice has the same amount of sugar (about 11-12 grams) as soda. It is not healthier because of some vitamines. The vitamines are poorly due to heating. Rather eat your fruit!

You cannot eat mixed macronutrients it will ferment in your stomach.

False, It is true it will ferment, but your body is made to eat those 3 components, so dont worry!


Training on a empty stomach will burn more fat

false, if you go and train on an empty stomach it will burn your reserves, but if you eat to much on that day (total energy consuming), it will not work.

Eating chocolate is healthy

Only the pure chocolate is healthy, keep in mind they have huge amounts of fat and calories, so one cube is enough, but is it enough for you?


Combining protein with spinach gives nitrate substance in the body

false, they used to say that, but science have shown that this is not harmefull

Drinking (oats, almond, coconut) milk is healthier then normal milk

false, it misses a lot of healthy minerals and vitamines (calcium, vitamine d, b12, iron, pottasium)

I eat bio products, so I am healthier

False, The soil the products come from or way of farming the animals get determant the quality, but afterward the preperation rules the quality. So frying your bio potatoes does not make it healthy.

I need to move to lose weight

false, eating less than you burn makes you lose bodyfat, but keep in mind that moving has a lot of benifits, so keep moving!

Eating apricots pits wil help preventing cancer

false, it is poison! keep your hands of!


Hopefully enough info 🙂

Big hugs,


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