Pumpkin all you need to know

I love this! I never ate pumpkin, until i was 20….(shame on me). When i discoverd how carby it tasted and how less of a calories it had; I was hooked. I made oats, fries, puree and still it is one of my favorites till today! I am gonna tell you all the info you need!

  • It comes from mid/south america
  • they actually are used for the seeds and not for the flesh
  • the outside is mostly used for decorative purpose
  • he is mostly seen in oktober with the festival halloween
  • some cultural dishes are puree, pie, soup and bread
  • the flower is edible
  • you have giant pumpkins from 1 meter and 70 kg!
  • family of the pumpkin are courget and patisson
  • the most heaviest pumpkin weighd 1190 kg!
  • America produces the most pumpkins in the whole world!
  • each pumpkin has around 500 seeds
  • you can eat everything!
  • HELLO NO but it’s a fruit :p

Get stuffed with info already? hope so :p

Big hugs,


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