motivation and how to keep it!

I go up and down with my motivation. I always struggle keeping my sports up and going to bed early. It’s just not me, but I know I can become that. It hinders my health a bit and my motivation for other things, by not succeeding. I asked myself , how to KEEP my motivation? Why should I be excited about sports? Why should I be excited about more sleep? So I have this ritual that keeps me on track, so I can get my goals. And even when I fail, I made this frame that I can rely on.

So try this: first take a paper and write down what you want different. What is bugging you? If you wrote that down, ask yourself how you are going to achieve this and write this down. Then take your agenda and write down your solutions on the places you know it necessary. for example:

  • ”I need to stop drinking so much. Oké on saturday I have dinner, I certanly will take 3 wines. My solution is taking 1 wine and 2 water instead.”
  • Same is for the gym or moving in general. ”I need to go and move my butt. Oké, I have some spare time on wednesday, saturday and sunday. I can fill this up with walking the dog for an hour.”

The key is not making it BIG, because then you fail. Dont put any pressure on it so it flows in your live. If you want to lose weight make little changes for example walk the dog 5 minutes more. take one biscuit and not two, A LITTLE CHANGE IS A LIFE LONG CHANGE!

Big huggs,



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