20 things that can help you with healing from an eating disorder?

Everybody has his own way from healing from an ED. It is not like someone will give you a self-rescue package for your ED and say: ‘’here you go!’’. NO no no no……. it is falling and standing up and falling over and over, before you have a handful of things that can help heal a tiny peace in you. (Disclaimer) The following helped for a lot of people, but may not help for you. Please try them, you never know 😉


  1. This girl audra. Go to her Instagram or youtube and learn from her.  Weighloss, pcos, weightgain, knowledge and just amazing! I had hormone problems after a low body fat and she knows her sh*t. Trust me on this.
  2. A dietitian. Its good to hear the truth from someone else and they have the knowledge to get you better. You just gotta let go.
  3. Having pets. They keep you sain, human and let you go out your house for a walk.
  4. Going out. It helps getting you out your “ED world”.
  5. Talking to your parents. They know more than you think.
  6. Go to school have a purpose in life. If you cannot, because of a low weight. Still try to stay informed.
  7. Lily koi Hawaii (I hope I wrote it right) Her sassy bitchy look on life, while still being happy makes you laugh a lot, but also gives you hope. She went through a lot of shit and survived (watch youtube).
  8. A job. Makes you feel purposefull. Only when at a healthy weight though..
  9. Taking long walks (clearing your mind)
  10. Stop exercising and dont panic.
  11. Limit sugar free options and caffeine.
  12. Pick up an old or new hobby.
  13. Asking your sister for advice. Sometimes something meaningful can come out of her mouth.
  14. Don’t eat  so damn healthy all the time :p.
  15. Let others decide for you or put food on your plate.
  16. Drink calories for a change.
  17. Talk online on a ED site (the good one, not the bad, you know what I mean).
  18. Don’t go vegan to lose weight (what is the biggest crap ever). Do it because of your values or health reasons (lactose problems, gain weight)
  19. Write your feelings down

So here you got 20, you got more? Tell me about it!

Much love,


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