Orthorexia a real thing?!

I did not missed it. It was all over the news and social media. Orthorexia a new thing were people are obsessed with healthy eating, but remain a healthy weight. It is the trending disease (sadly) that made it to the news and maybe to the DSM 5 manual. Hmmmm a new thing. Before I even made a opinion, I started looking up the description about orthorexia. Eating healthy, afraid of junkfood, possibly a very healthy lifestyle with a lot movement, only eating what’s planned in your mind. Well sounds like an eating disorder to me! But I do not agree with it being a NEW form of eating disorder.

We have social media on our side or as an enemy. I personally cannot get why people get insecure about their bodies when they see someone else’s body. ‘’Like your never ever gonna look like them??’’. For me it wouldn’t be a base for getting an ED, but I do understand that everybody has other triggers and social media can help with it, do to 121,577,898,998 pictures of six-packs, thigh gaps and you name it.

For me orthorexia is  the beginning faze from all eating disorders. Every eating disorder starts with eating healthier and moving more. Eventually I can guarantee you, it will fall in some type of other form, from a ‘’real’’ eating disorder that is registered in the DSM 5. For example take me and 3 other persons I know. We all began eating healthy and moving way too much, after going to hard, all of us had binging problem.  One stayed in it, I got a cocktail of all except purging, the other purged (bulimic), two others became very thin (anorexic). We all ended up getting the already long registered forms. I do believe you can stay in this type (orthorexia) for a long time, but it truly is the beginning of the end. If you feel you are in this stage, please seek out help, before you kill 4-10 years of your life , thinking about the most basic thing ever; FOOD.

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