Dried fruit healthy?

My mother took a bag of dried fruit the other day and we came in a little family discussion, about the contribution of dried fruit to our health. I often hear our fitness guru’s preach about dried fruit, “OOH GOD IT HAS A LOT OF CALORIES! IT HAS SO MUCH SUGARS”! No fuck einstein, it’s fruit and food, so it will have sugars and it will have calories #science.

But what bothers us? Well, WE CANT EAT IT UNLIMITED AS WE THOUGHT WE COULD! and for fuck sake, wouldn’t it be nice that we could eat something so tasty, so full of fiber, so sweet, without calories……… Welllll I want to as well, but we need to learn something els; MODERATION. The most simple word, with it’s most hardest lesson. Dried fruit can be very tasty and has a lot of health benefits just like fresh fruits (vitamines, minerals, fiber, digestion purposes) so please do not skip this, if you like it.

Please begin looking at splitting your current portion. Dont restrict, dont be afraid of sugar. Also try to listen to your body for fullness signals. If that doesn’t work, eat some veggies before eating some fruit and drink some water, to get some more full vibes in your body and last but not least (not a big fan); track your calories.

Hope you got something out of it 😉

Much love,


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