What to eat for great hair?!

I think a lot of women feel this moment in their lives, that their hair has become thinner and it indicates something about their health. Often It is just you getting older, your hair folikels getting weaker and of course your hormones getting lower and lower. It sucks! But food can help (yup finally I can say this, without calling it ”emotional eating”).

We buy a lot of creepy stuff to keep our hair beautiful but you must understand 3 things. Your hair changes a lot! The growth, the structure,  the moist in it, but it’s so tiny that you do not feel anything or see it. You will see it, if you die your hair a lot, because then they become more fragile. Second thing, you often cannot keep your hair as it was after menopause. It’s just how the body works and ofcourse genetics are also a huge part of this on how your body will react. And third, maybe maybe there are products to keep your hair, but they are often only for the rich (hench why Trump is the head of this post) and not affordable for you and me.

So what is left? FOOD GIRL! (and men)

These are my tips for keeping your hair like chewbacca:

  • eet carbs! like whole wheat bread, pasta, couscous. There are a lot of B vitamines in these products, who are essential for your body and hair (especially biotin b8).
  • keep eating oils. Your hormones need all macronutrients, so eat a normal (2 tablespoons) plantbased oil and get your animal products oil from fish or butter (not the full fat butter).
  • eat enough. Don’t go on extream diets when in the menopause, it is going to get worse! Chill and just eat a bit less or eat more fruit and veggies to get stuffed a bit more for a meal.
  • Move! Keep moving, it is not only food, keep your health up with moving, as it can release stress.
  • Keep away from the junk. Why? because you need micronutrients and they will not give this at all!

side note to this, keep using the same shampoo and conditioners and don’t wash your hair to warm. Your scalp can get frustrated with changes of heath and swapping shampoo’s.


That’s it, you’re fired!

Much love ,


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