This why you are a BAD vegan!

This really really bothers me. It’s a selfish act bashing others while on the same side. You either did not get the goal of being vegan, you are obsessed with losing weight or simply just a d*ckface.

I eat a lot of vegan food, have vegan days and may eat like 4 months out of the year vegan; but I just eat what I crave and am a NORMAL EATER. No special diet, no rules, nothing. I think a lot of the comparison of being ”A GOOD VEGAN” comes from Freelee the banana girl. She thought like a cult master she is, how people should it, what is right and wrong and why you should go raw till you become a banana yourself.

It is the source you learn from, that makes your relationship with food. For example your parents. They thought you a lot about food and you may have a lot of their eating habits in you. It is also the reason why you became vegan, that comes with this problem (eating disorder, weightloss, feeling lost, no friends etc).

If you became vegan, I first and foremost ask you to look up a good source, were you can build up your opinion on. NO FREELEE IS NOT A GOOD SOURCE. Go to the myplate site or any other goverment institute. Ask yourself why you are doing this and which food you should really focus on. No special seeds from Kenia, no magical berries and no 20 banana smoothie for breakfast, THIS IS NOT BALANCE!

60% of wat people eat is plant-based. But saying that you commit to something, makes people anxious and therefore most people don’t dare to be vegan. Be happy you and others made that commitment and went pass that hurdle.

So can you not watch youtube vids anymore from your favorite vegan? Ofcourse you can!

If you don’t want any strange info, I would advise there 3 ladies.

  • this girl audra (handsdown the best vegan lady ever for food advice)
  • high carb hannah (girl with struggles and a great love story and weightloss story)
  • lily koi hawaii (She should be a stand-up comedian, such a fighter this woman, with a fairytale story if you ask me)

In all my vegan search on the net and watching youtube for years now, because I dislike watching tv. I can give you my word these ladies are the best, honest and great teachers about veganism and WHY YOU SHOULD GO VEGAN AN BE NICE TO ANIMALS, YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER.

Much love,



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