Why summerbodies are B*llsh*t

Summer bodies are such a nice selling service people offer, 3 months before the summer. ”Get your fluffy body fat out of the house, before going to the beach..”

I have to admit, there is a truth in this. People who are bulking and adding on mass can cut (If they have sufficient enough of muscle mass). Cutting is the art of losing body fat but maintaining muscle mass. It can also be a valid thing if people gained (for example) 1-5 kg’s during the winter (less movement, more calorie-dense food) and just want to get that body a bit defined again.

I could write a huge story about this, but to be a bit blunt, losing weight when severe overweight or overweight and needing to lose around 10 kg’s or higher needs time and not a fast sprint in 3 months. It could backfire a lot. Give yourself time and remember that you do not need the summer or the 1st of January to become your best version. YOU CAN ALWAYS START!

Also, it is possible to stay in shape all year round and gain muscle without gaining insane amounts of weight. It is called reverse dieting. Adding calories slowly and see how your body reacts to it. Mostly this is done after cutting and slowly transitioning in the bulkingfase. Doing this you can slowly build up to a surplus and train in de meantime. Not a lot of fat accumulation will occur due to this. You do need to, however, keep track of your calories and weight every day.

So I have told you a bit about which group needs to focus on a summer body, which group will get a summer body if they have patience and are ready to lose a huge amount of weight and how the fitness group can build muscle, without gaining to much fat and can earlier be summer shredded.

Of course, there is the group that falls in somewhere in the middle with being a bit chubby, but not overweight. If you want to look good in the summer, please slowly change your habits and not rapidly 3 months before summer. Move a bit more, eat a little less, drink some more water and so on.

A summer body btw is not a real thing in my opinion. Make sure you care for yourself the whole year, so you never have to think about getting ready for the summer…


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