ehrmann protein pudding review

Ehrmann protein pudding is a product of Germany and is actually not that long in the supermarkets. The brand itself, is already for years in the dairy department. They make yoghurts, quark, lactose free dairy and so much more. So today, because I am a foodie, we are looking at protein pudding (hell yeah).


Well it was on sale and I could buy it for 1 euro. I believe that in Germany and in the Netherlands it is around 1.20-1.40, which is not to shabby for a to go product. Protein is also more expensive than fats and carbs, so in my opinion it is a good price.



It does has the same texture as pudding, but is a bit more firm (maybe because of the protein or gelatine and less fat). It is not that silky, but rather tasts like the cheap puddings you can get for 20-30 cents. That does not mean that this is bad, but for me personally, if I eat pudding it is a bit more smooth. It also is very filling!


If you do not have a sweet tooth, well this is your go to snack. The sweetner is not that sweet and the coconut ( in this version) is present and you can feel the flakes. you taste the chocolate, but it is a light feel, although it seems so dark.

Product range 

They have a lot! Chocolate, vanilla, coconut & chocolate, raspberry, blackberry, caramel and so much more. These flavours are all present in Germany,. In the Netherlands there are only 2-3 flavours.


Nutrition facts

Hands down that the nutrition value from these puddings are great. Calories are on point for a snack, Not a lot of fat at all and they really came true with there promise (20 grams) without any fake marketing.

Although this is not my favorite flavour (really guys, try vanilla), the product gets a 8/10! If you are into fitness or needs some extra protein due to a disease, this is your shit. It is a fun way to get protein in and I believe that is very important with a journey like getting more muscle or getting leaner. Just try one if you find them.


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