Simple weightloss tips!

I have had a lot of people, who try to get the ”magic answer” from me regarding weight loss.  Because I am almost graduated as a dietitian, I know some tips and tricks. I find the word ”tricks” a bit fake because they are just simple ways to make you eat more consciously.  Today, I will be sharing those!


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  • Add more protein to your main meals
  • Juices vs fruit. Always opt for fruit than the juice.
  • Soft drinks vs light drinks. Go for light drinks, they will not harm you!
  • whole grains should be your base
  • Oil should be measured out with a spoon
  • Ask your partner to train with you
  • Snack on vegetables, fruit, yogurt or an egg in the evening
  • Ask the waiter to put sauces on the side and other ways of preparing the food (grilled or steamed)
  • Eat a piece of fruit or a salad before your main meal
  • Chew on a chewing gum when you cook.
  • Chocolate remains chocolate, so don’t eat too much!
  • Do not eliminate anything from your diet!
  • You can change every day
  • Discuss your feelings

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