Side effects for women with lowbodyfat!

Side effects for women in sports that are high demanding are very serious. It is something a lot of people do not talk about, that’s why it is this grey area they only address when you are experiencing it…. This is a list of thing you can experience, if you recognize some of the symptoms, maybe it is a good thing to go to your practitioner. Ohh one thing, you can also experience this without being an Olympic player, even a regular gal can have this!

  • losing menstrual cycle
  • irregular menstrual cycle or changing of the intensity of bleeding
  • dry skin
  • low energie, going down in preformance
  • not hungry at all
  • very much hungry and having binges
  • eyesight problems (seeing vague)
  • getting dizzy when standing up
  • weight loss rapidly
  • low bodyfat measuring (<18%)
  • low libido
  • dry vaginal walls
  • moody (very aggressive or agitble)
  • hairloss
  •  sensitive teeth
  •  avoiding certain foods (panic too)
  •  crying a lot
  • a lot of sleeping in the daytime (no energy)
  • social isolation
  • b12, iron or other vitamines or minerals defficiency (if you use sups, you wont have this, but that does not mean your ok!)

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