side effects of getting shredded!

I did a version of this for women to, but also thought I needed to address men in this. To be honest, I think men have more pressure nowadays to look a certain way then women. A guy with a six-pack who goes to the gym and looks like a Greek god is a ”must”, so the pressure is on.  When shredding for a show, you are trying to go as low as possible in fats and (at the end) carbs, trying to keep protein high as fuck and doing cardio next to weight training. Next to this you are drinking way to less a the end of it, to get a pump on stage. I am getting scared even typing it, but I get that goal completely. You are working hard for this body and sometimes you need to flaunt it in total beastmode.

So what are the cons from this?

  •  erectile disfunction ;’)
  •  hungry all the time (leading to binges)
  • dry skin
  •  weak immune system (getting colds)
  •  obsesses about food all the time
  • low libido
  •  sleep problems
  •  sensitive teeth
  •  drinking shit tone of water the whole team
  •  sperm quality goes down
  • energy level down drastically
  •  fear of certain foods
  •  more sensitive for cardiovasculaire problems
  •  muscle recovery is slow
  • low testosterone
  • isolated
  • bones are less dens
  • memory loss

You should really ask yourself if it’s worth it and tbh if you want kids, this should not be a activity you do every year. You can rather have 15% bf and a life than 7-10% and problems with you wife/gf getting kids, having risks for cardiovasculaire problems and being hungry 😉

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