Healthy way to pack Some Mass on!

So putting on Some weight can be hard for Some people. We also use the term “hard gainer” for someone who simply just cannot keep the weight on or even put iT on.  You can go over This bump nu eating A lot. Do keep track on your calories, so you have insight at which amour you Will gain weight or stay stabel.

when looking to gain mass and Not just fat and bodyweight, do lift er enjoy movements with your OWN bodyweight. If you exceed the weights (so you can easly manage) try going to the gym for more progress. So in time you can build progress overload (subject What Will be covered later).

now A list with healthy food options to gain weight. Do enjoy Some unhealthy stuff, but in moderation.

healthy food list

  1. nuts (all kinds)
  2. seeds (all kinds)
  3. Lean meat or with A bit of fat
  4. salmon
  5. brown Rice or jasmin/basmati
  6. dried fruit
  7. whole wheat Bread
  8. full fat quark
  9. pancakes with whey
  10. oats with whey
  11. peanutbutter or nutbutter
  12. cereal low fat , low sugar , high fiber
  13. milk (low fat)
  14. homemade smoothie
  15. massgainer
  16. avocado
  17. tofu
  18. mackrel
  19. sardines
  20. eggs
  21. cottage cheese
  22. fruits (all sorts banana and Sharon fruit do Well)
  23. potato
  24. wraps
  25. pure chocolate
  26. legumes
  27. cheese
  28. pasta (whole wheat optional)


Hopefully Some insight

greasy hugs,


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