keto 101 for dummies

A ketogenic diet?? It sounds like a bad movie from the 80’s, but a lot of people seem to be rocking it on this diet! Your getting a very low amount of carbs in and actually living of fats and protein. Your body chooses carbs as his first fuel.  After that fats and protein make their mark. But what happens to the body, when you dont give it carbs? Well we have a bit of a cycle in our system, that pulls every macronutrient apart. And carbs are done very fast, then protein and as last fats. they can let this cycle run a lot of times and especially fats.

So the moment you dont give the body carbs, he will use this cycle only for protein and fats. Your body then goes in a state of ketosis. Actually your doing the same with your body for example when you are fasting. Your glycogen is about 500 calories and will be burned in a couple of hours, the body doesn’t have a base anymore from carbs and will be starting to cut in your protein and fats. the first 10 days your body will be in gluconeogenesis, were the body uses 90% of his fuel from protein and 10% of glycerol. after the 10 days, your body will turn this around and fat will start to burn. now your in ketogenesis.

Your mimicking the state of fasting, while eating. So how can you maximize this process and burn fat? (p.s. do keep in mind your losing muscle in the first 10 days).

  • count calories, no matter what, count them and use myfitnesspal
  • eat with the portions 60% fat, 30% protein and 10% carbs)
  • nett carbs are fiber and can be excluded
  • do eat veggies , especially leafy greens
  • eat high in fat, but the good fat, not a lot of saturated fat
  • keep refeed days, you will be in a calorie deflict and your body only runs on 2 macro’s, by adding a refeed (every 3-4 weeks) with carbs you can spike up the metabolism. Make it a refeed day with high carb food in your calorie count or a high carb meal.
  • take in your minerals, especially salt!
  • take a vitamine supplement, you will expierience hairloss without
  • always eat more fat than protein, otherwise it will turn into glucose aka carb fuel

So what is the true story behind this method?

” In short, your eating in a calorie deflict. Your satiation and satiety is much higer, due to beginning the day with high fat and moderate protein. It just dont digest that easy true the gi-tract. I would not say this is for life. your gonna bash your liver and arteries, after losing the amount of weight, introduce complex carbs in again and red fruits. I know their a lot of men and women on youtube whom preach they found the cure and fuck you motherfuckers, my heart is gonna live forever!! welll……no, dont believe the lie they tell you, even this is shortterm, just introduce carbs back slowely and fruits. And most of all, eat mindfully.”

p.s. funfact, this diet was actually for children with epilepsy!


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