fuck my life, I can’t sleep -_-

You could call me the walking dead. I haven’t had a good amount of sleep in the past 3 years. I am always awake…… By day I just function normal, then I have my afternoon dip and by night well…..I just like the silents, so I keep awake looking at the water, hearing the neighbours and the breathing of another.

It came to me when I over exercised a few years ago and lost a big amount of weight. Besids that, I had a very very busy life. Making 80 hours a week and going to the gym, going out, cleaning the house, making food and letting out the dogs. you feel me? So still today I struggle. I am a nervous person by heart and I know a lot of people have this as well. People on narcotics,  with depression, eating disorders, workload, schoolstress and you name it.

We all had sleepless nights……….


After some advise and using melatonine (doesn’t work for a hors ass) I started looking in , what could help. I currently live with it, but it comes with a price. A shaking right hand, hart cramps and a beating eye…… Butttt There was a time it was a bit better and maybe by sharing this information it could help you 😀

my tips for better sleep from an insomnia girl :p

  1. do not take a charger with lights coming out of it
  2. dont drink coffee or drink decafe
  3. do breathing exercises before sleeping
  4. shut the shutters
  5. drink some warm milk before sleeping
  6. eat something small before sleeping (hand of nuts)
  7. sleep at least for 8 hours
  8. If you are free, dont let the alarm go off and wake up naturally
  9. before sleeping take a hot bath
  10. make sure u have clean sheets
  11. put on the heather before going to bed, warmt make you want to sleep sooner
  12. read a good book
  13. have sex before bed
  14. no phone before bed or ps vita or which device ever!

I hope these are usefull, some of them helped me a lot, but being in my work mode again get’s it tole on me, making it hard for me.


Big hugs,



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