5:2 Intermitting fasting, is it something for you?

A lot of us on the internet know intermittent fasting. A period of 8 hours eating and a 16 hours fast (for the most of us). But before this one, there was the 5:2 diet. The principles are simple. 2 Days of the week (your choice) you only consume 500 calories and the other days your regular 2000 calories. Sounds either beautifull or a nightmare….

There is a bit of a catch right here. Only eating 500 calories a day, means that your nerve system will go wack. It’s not getting the same signal everyday (like eating 1200 calories to loss weight) and is having a peak and a low. This can make people binge. Further eating 2000 calories (normal amount) is still risky. You can overshoot easly and there will be expected from you to make healthy choices even on the days you eat ”normal”.

If you do not have the knowledge about food, eating a bowl of cereal with milk (600 calories), eating out for lunch (600 calories), making dinner (600 calories) and ice cream as a snack (400 calories) easly goes over 2000 calories.

Then there is the mental game. What are you going to eat on a 500 day? Only bread or appels. You still need to count calories……….

But not all is bad. Fasting shows strong signs of longer life and less sickness. So it’s your choice, wanna go hungry two days a week? Wanna fast for 8/16 or just go on a low calorie diet?

Hope you choose wisely

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