facing facts about the sharon fruit

One of the most tasty little bitches on the market I must say. When they are raw, it truelly taste like poison. I love the deep aroma from them and sadly the overdosis of carbs and sugar, but reminder they have a lot of goodstuff in them. This lovely fruit is also called the kaki fruit. They grow on trees whom are 15 meters high! It doesn’t have any seeds or tanine and can taste yummy even when not overdone ripe. Most of the sharonfruits weigh 150 grams, so getting 200 grams of fruit is easy with this baby! And most of all, you can eat the skin!

This fruit is even higher in calories then a banana. Hitting the meter with 126 calories for 100 grams. As reward you do get your daily vitamine c almost, calcium and even iron. Even the name is endless. Most common names are: kaki, sharonfruit and persimmons. The tree comes in the regions of Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Japan and even the Himalaya! This fruit is also genetically modified and therefore whe have 3 species around the world. The most eaten one in the western community is from israel, the ”triumph”.


Hopefully you know a bit more about the fruit you’re eating 😀


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