So why the hell would you go to a dietitian?

I know they cost a hell lot. I went a few times myself, almost shit my pants looking at the price, maybe they could examine that as well :p (just kidding). These ladies and gents do have some knowledge, so dont think eating a egg is just eating a egg, or eating a apple a day will keep the doctor away. In my experience becoming one, my eyes opened to all the stuff on the internet. Information and especially on instagram is not based on science and even when they say so, it actually is cherry picking from studies, whom did not give substantial result when practiced over.

Then you have the oooh soo famous youtube community whom tells you keto is the shit, no wait intermittent fasting or wait should we just all go vegan??!! These people are giving you the information with the kindest hart, because it worked for them. But looking at long term effects, well I bet you they don’t. And how about custommade instructions for you, check-ups, one on one consultation, quadscans and other analyses from your body. They often cannot provide it. The most connection between these methodes, is that you need to ”delete” a food component of your plate. No carbs, fats or eat raw, no dairy etc.

These products are on earth for a reason.

Keep in mind that a healthy diet is eating everything in moderation, even junk food. Want more information on a good diet? Go to myplate or voedingscentrum (for the netherlands). Remember Healthcare can reduce cost for the consulation of dietitians.

If you are really up for the challenge you diet the right way, with all the macronutrients!


Big hugs,


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