How can I lower my sugar intake?

We all like sugar and spice and everything thats nice. I could eat a whole pakkage of frost flakes and wouldn’t feel a thing, except my body who is developing type 2 diabetes -_-. So the world health organisation makes a rule that we should get 5% of our sugar daily from products whom have natural sugar or added.

That’s like impossible……

Even for a young dietitian I could tell you, that’s just not possible for the normal consumer. A snicker here, a juice here a appel here BAM! you already fucked up. So let use begin by reducing your sugar intake by simpel modifications.

Tips for less sugar (and more spice)

  1. dont drink juice
  2. dont add sugar to your coffee or tea
  3. dont eat sweet candybars
  4. dont take cereal with sugar
  5. read the label
  6. skip the granola bars
  7. dont eat fullfat fruit yoghurts (take0% fat and add your fruit yourselves)
  8. skip the pop
  9. chew sugerfree gum
  10. take jam that is less in sugar
  11. dont eat a lot of pastry (even harty pastry has sugar)
  12. dont eat a lot of dried fruit (3 pieces a day)
  13. dont take sugared nuts
  14. leave the energydrinks
  15. use a sweetner (stevia or splenda) for a sweet taste
  16. eat whole fresh food
  17. eat whole grains

hopefully some info helped

Big Hugs,


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