RECIPE: Pepperoni Omelet Keto-Friendly

Being into the whole keto thing (I do like my eggs) I had a recipe up my sleeve that taste like pizza, but no carbs to be find 😀

Keep in mind this recipe can lead up to 500 calories, depending what you will use.

cookware needed:

  • pan
  • bowl
  • knife
  • vork


  • cheese (gouda cheese 3 slices)
  • 2 whole eggs and 6 whites
  • pepperoni (50 grams)
  • carrot slices (in vinegar)
  • olive oil


  • take the eggs crack them and put them in the bowl and hustle them
  • take a pan and put a bit of pam or olive oil in it
  • put the egg mixture in the pan and put a lid on it
  • slice the pepperoni
  • put the pepperoni on the egg and the cheese and put the lid on
  • after 3 minutes flip the egg and put the lid back on
  • after 3 minutes serve the egg pepperoni with some slices carrots for your veggies


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