what to do with vacation weight gain?

So I you drink, drank , drunk. Had the munchies. Ate more fries than Ronald Mcdonald in 2 weeks. Yeah for you! But I can tell, you gained some. We all have this strange mentallity to go loos on the holidays. X-mas, easter and the summer vacation. Your food intake goes up from a nice 1500-2000 kcal to a huge 3000-4000 calories.

You can do this for 3 days and get back on track, but doing this longer, can give you a lot of damage. Your hard work went to waste for a bag of chips…Mentically it is nice to have a diet brake. I do have them as well, but i call them ”refeed days”, were I go about 500 calories up. Not only boosting my metabolism, but also eating a lot of carbs and less fats.

But lets say you went loos for a 2 week holiday, you gained 10 pounds or so. How do you go back on track?

  • First let us use myfitnesspal to track again or to learn tracking. dont make it to hard on yourself, you will crave dirty foods after the vacation. Take one dirty snack a day that fits in your calories. Go to the gym and dont do a full body, unless you feel like it. Do include some cardio. eat a lot of vegetables and take max 3 pieces of fruit. Drink a lot of water and moderate tea and coffee. eat a good amount of protein and take lean sources. the first days you will experience water weightloss, this does not count! try this for 5 weeks and i can guarantee you 80% of the weight is gone!


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