Why you are good enough!

You have been bullied. Told you were ugly. That does braces look better then your face. you should die and no one would care…well let me tell you one thing; Nobody can deside about the death. Even your animal pet, that gets a shot for being in pain, who told you , you could deside he must die? We are on a earth with 7 billion people. In this earth we walk with abs, we walk with fat, we walk with teeth and even without teeth, with different colours of skin, different ages, genders, sexuality and how can this thought be placed in your head, you are not worthed?

People care about you even when you think they dont. Funny thing, It doesn’t have to be your nearest and dearest, but mostly it is. It can be that neighbour who always looks at you, that moment you step on your bike¬† before going to school. The girl who has sympathy with the hobo who lives near Wallmart. Children and especially teenagers are rotten. They would do anything to get in a better light with others, why? They are seeking confidents, approval and it would build or scare you for ever in your later years.

We all had moments people will try to burn your ass. Dunking your head in a toilet, throwing your sanity towels a way, showing nuds from you…. I can only tell you one thing. You are worth being here, you are someone’s child, baby, friend, you are the future. If you go to school tomorrow and that bully goes grinding your ears again or beats you… the same.

You to have the power to defend yourself and you to have the right to life to the fullest.


Big hugs,


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