diaboulimia a new eating disorder or not?

Is a bit of a unknown eating disorder and specifically for diabetes type 1 patient patients. They deliberately give themselves less insulin or not at all , for the purpose of weight loss. Besides not consuming a large amount of food or a lot, they vomit the consumption of food shortly after .But the side-effects of eating disorder patient are all the same right?


Normally females or males experience weightloss, hairloss, depression, oesphagus problems, acid reflex, headeach, less libido, irregular heart problems and much more. I would not call this one more worse than the others, but they can have far more extra side-effects. Patients of type 1 diabetes will discover painfull nefropathy, neuropathy and retinopathy and even dissolving of the bone. Making a person handicap for the rest of their lives. Most of the patients need to go to an eating disorder clinic, before it is to late.

what can you do as a parent?

  • controle your kid (teenager or younger) with their medication, stay with them when taking meds
  • dont let them get or make the order for the medication
  • keep track of the insuline shot stock
  • monitor their weight at the general practitioner
  • stay with them will eating
  • check the lunchbox

Below this scentence you can find short term signs, keep a eye!

Short term (source: wikipedia)

Medium term

These are the medium term symptoms of patients with diabulimia. They are prevalent when diabulimia has not been treated and hence also include the short term symptoms


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