sex for mama’s after birth of your baby

Being parents for the first time is crazy fun, nervous and exciting! You have your little baby girl or boy in a room especially made for him/her. You stand up every 2 hours either for feeding or cleaning, your sleep is non-existen and your money is blown away! So what was so good again (just joking) :p A big part why this baby came on earth was because you were having sex with your hubby or wife, right? And somehow, the moment you gave that, you get less….

Really ladies, your uterus just got ripped open, your pelvic area is much wider, your intestines are moved and your 20-40 lbs heavier. So how can we still be loved as a women and how long can a man wait? For today you will be getting tips for sliding back in (he he he….).

Bug hugs,


#1 wait

The moment the fresh momma gives a signal ,thats the moment you should take action. Never ever force a lady

#2 make things cosy

After such a long time, make sure the house is nice. Candles, parfum, dim lights, nice blankets and roses.

#3 try afternoons

It sounds weird, but a lot of fresh mama’s are tired, so when you can slip out of work, go ahead!

#4 gentleman follow her lead

Your wife is always right, deal with it and move and stick things in the places she wants.

#5 discover other options

Dont be sad or mad if it does not happen the first time. Give yourselves massage instead or go and take a shower together.


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