nimbu pani – thirsty for indian drinks!

In my great country India, with her lovely rich culture in food , diverse colors, languages and climates. Drinking is a very important task. Whether it is drinking a couple of cups of chai, shrab (alcohol) or coffee, we need fluid. The third time I went back to my home country I encountered this great drink. As a dietitian I found it wonderful to see how the local people made a drink who kept them hydrated. The great combination of salt and pepper and sugar, makes it your natural gatorade 😀 I drank it often in the heat (52 degrees) and it helped a lot.

In the body the fluid is in the cel and out the cel.  this for getting nutrition in the cells and waiste out of it. When in dehydration, people lose this balance and salt and sugar is needed to keep the fluid in. Therefore this drink was made, to even help the poor people to survive.

One good deed indeed, so how do you make this drink? let’s get to it!


  1. take 2 liters of chilled water and for every liter , you will take 2 limes (if not in possesion, take one lemon)
  2. juice them and keep the juice
  3. add the juice in the chilled water and stir
  4. now take some black pepper (1 tabelspoon) and add this to the drink
  5. now take half a cup of sugar ( brown is the preference)
  6. add now a teaspoon of salt
  7. stir this all together and add ice cubes as well
  8. put it in a jug and slice some lemons for the fancy feel

Hope you enjoy!


Big Hugs,


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