Excuse me mrs. Eating Disorder, do I have a say?

So I have battled this bitch for years even today, I still get relapses. I truly DO NOT BELIEVE YOU CAN 100% CLEARLY GET RID OF YOUR EATING DISORDER. So there I said it. And while some eating disorder male/female is reading this, for hope and courage, I just gotta be honest…….. you CAN MODERATE THOUGHTS AND BEHAVOUR, but you got to understand that these thoughts are part of millions of other brains as well.

No not just only an eating disorder patient thinks ”I am fat”, ” I need to lose 20 pounds” etc. We all have these thoughts, because they come from concern and insecurity. We all have a perfect picture of ourselves hanged up on our mentically visioned fridge. The real differents is in how it get’s to you. And their my friends lays the true difference in an Eating disorder patient and a ”normal” humanbeing.

But how do you master this bitch? How can YOU be IN CONTROL and not on HOLD?

  1. Maybe starting to challenge yourselves is a start. Don’t eat the cookie, eat the cookie FOR FUCK SAKE!
  2. Plan your meals and take time for them
  3. eat with others
  4. Write it down
  5. go and talk about it
  6. dont go all out on excersise
  7. Dont drink liters of soda, but try 1 liter
  8.  cut half of the chewing gum package and take it with you
  9. dont vomit for god sake! YOU WANT ACID BITCH???  aka your whole organs are getting disolved.
  10. Try semi skimmed milk instead of skimmed
  11. Dont go vegan or vegetarian if you got an ED
  12. If it’s to hard to chew, make a smoothie
  13. wear clothing yoú love!
  14. go and take a bath and take care of yourself
  15.  SCALES AR FOR WHALES and not for humans, so smash it!!

”Hope you had a bit of insight, you can tease this bitch, as much as it teases you!”

Big Huggs,


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