Sweetner friend or foe?

So your nanna, throwing like 2 in a cup of coffee, your  ”fitgirl” friend who is pimping up her bowl of oats. That white powdery stuff, which you can throw on your kitchen cabinet, open up and sniff it like is a packet of heroin…..( don’t do that).

So many of us, SO FREAKY MANY OF US, uses a type of sweetner. And because we all think we have to much dick in our pants, we all can give our opinion to others and tell them: ”yuck , you use honey ,omg, it’s so high in GI” or ” YOUR GONNA GET COLONCANCER FOR SURE WITH SPLENDA!”.(that last one , was for all the vegans out there :p).

But it’s true. We do have a big amount of sweetners and sadly, we just do not know what we are consuming. Soooo Iamstuffed went out to set some minor things straight so you can get some FREE KNOWLEDGE.

First thing first : ” If it’s just normal plain white sugar, cane sugar, coconut sugar, stevia, splenda, honey etc.. IT HAS ALL BEEN PROCESSED!

Every step the human did to get the honey out, or take the coal and chemical adjust it for splenda, it’s a vorm of processing.

So why is Stevia so expensive?

  • well, getting the plant to grow and the amount of hectares needed, water, farmers and keeping it alive and squeeze ot out and kristalise ot cost a shot load of money, butt there’s a big profit on it as well!

and brown sugar is better right?

  • well no….. they just burn it on a higher temprature.

and splenda gives me cancer or…..?

  • No splenda wont give you cancer, but if you daily use a huge amount, you could get side-effects and cancer could be a potential problem when you are older.

so which one can I use?

  • If it’s for your yoghurt go for fruit, low kcal and sweet. You dont want fruit, but also no splenda? Than use Honey!
  • If you really are looking for saving some kcal, go for the splenda, but dont take more than 3 a day (gonna get gassy as fuck, my friend)

So hopefully you got the sweet sound you wanted to hear!


Big kisses,


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