What is a refeed?

So refeed, seeing the rock with his stacks of pancakes, you might think I am gonna go on this fitness thing , get lean as fuck and can eat whatever I want!!!WELL NO JOSÉ not gonna happen. He worked hard, diet like shit and then there is this one moment In one life, that your not losing weight, are sluggish, no power, bad reps AND THEN SCIENCE SCREAMS: ”YOU CAN UPP YOUR SHIT, AND LOSE WEIGHT!”.

So A refeed is an moment in your diet , you choose for a calorie surplus , mostly from carbs and lower your fat intake. By doing this your leptine hormone gets a boost and this will ensure more weightloss , when doing it in strict matters.

So the list of demands for a refeed:

  • you have been on a diet for at least 6 weeks
  • you have a low bodyfat 8-15%
  • you have pains in knees, arms
  • sluggish and less powers
  • you are not losing weight any more

So how to do this?

  • track everything in myfitnesspal
  • make sure that 500 calories is the max you upp
  • make sure 90% of it , are carbs and 10% fat
  • do still eat a good amount of protein
  • go to the gym and use that energy

It’s mostly a mental boost for you to go on longer with your diet. If it helps, go on!!


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