Myfitnesspal Experience

Well Myfitnesspal, lose it and use it! I have used it and I am still at the same weight, but that wil not say it isn’t usefull. I found it very bad and kinda annoying, to constantly write down what i ate. I know the insight is very handy for people who do not know what they are putting in ”the junk trunk”, but as a dietitian, I know a thing or 2.

I got a daily allowance of 1200 kcal, and I tell you that, I need less….. (small bitch). Around 1000 calories a day would be a number that I would surely lose weight, without exercise. But keeping my sanity 1200 calories is just fine. So I ENJOYED 3 larges meals and one small evening snack a day (bot of chocolate), and I did fine.

Until I slipped up and when I slip up, I slip up BAD. the mental aspect of going over your daily allowance is generally: ”FUCK IT, NOW I AM ALL IN!”.  A lot of people do not experience the same thing I did, but let me tell you A LOT OF US DO! 3500 kcal for like 3 days is not an exeption, sadly. So where does it brings me? in de 15 days it went well I lost 1 kg and then ate 1,4 kg back. Do you see the yoyo effect?

It does not mean MYFP is bad, It just means you gotta turn your own mindgame around and adapt to the game you chose to play (MYFP). Would i do it again? No, not because I gained more back, But I do not like writing everything down -_-

tip* you can put in what you are going to eat , the day before, saves time

I do recommend this way for people living the IIFYM lifestyle. It suits their mindset and goals.

So, PLEASE DO TRY THIS, yes I said it. WHy?

”I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

So maybe this one is your game, YOU CAN PLAY!!

Big Hugs,


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