Get your SHIT together!! REVIEW Sarah Knight

  1. So my lovely sister came with this gift about 3 weeks ago. And in about 3 hours and a bit dizzy, by reading so much at once, I had read the book of the o so famous Sarah Knight. I maybe or may not have found a new perspective. Having a bit of a laugh, because of the obvious message she wanted to give, I tried and READ MY SHIT TOGETHER. I knew several books and TEDTALKS from Sarah Knight and actually was quite suprised, getting a real hardcover in my hands.


Well I must say, although having a British/Dutch/American Upbringing, I found It lovely to read the way she wrote. I found cynicism, devotion, attitude and well…actually everything I have to. Working hard, playing hard, but when snapping your shit up, well you use vocabulary out of this world, not known to men XD


So the anti-guri she is, she used as a metaphor, the chipmunks……. At first I was like ”what the fuck, oké, she’s crazier then me”. But I soon found out I had some similarity with Alvin and I was a crazy planner, do it all, working psycho Bitch.

Always nice to know this on your friday evening.



Well actually, my intervention came from one sentence only. The whole book was mainly based on people who worked for corporate jobs and well I DONT!! But, I was reading the book and then there was this one scentence in bold, saying that ”Your only as good as the last step you took”

This one scentence was , well it did something to me…..

Like that I had my MUST-DO LIST together in my head (also a part of the book)

  • I must get my shit together and stop self sabotage my time
  • I must get my research together
  • I must stop fucking up my diet, because I work to many night hours and end up with chocolate in my mouth
  • I must take time for myself and do thingd that dont give money (music for example)


Would I say yes, buy this book!?

If you have a ”dick”kind of job, that eats you from the inside out. Do you have problems saying ”no”,? Can you not get your shit together around your weight? Do you miss being yourself? Are you and your wife/husband getting cold? Well TRY IT, she brings you back to simple childhood thinking, with a few cognitive games as well.

Enjoy this book! It was worth the money 🙂

Big Hugs,


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