IAMSTUFFED: Binge eating tips that REALLY works

So you gained a shit load of weight due to stress, relation problems, eating disorders or just simply by loving food to much. Your BMI is over 25, your fat % is way over the healthy limit and your pants are either being chewed on by the dog by now, or is used as a mop for the floor.

So how can I stop Binging? How can I put this thing down who is ruining my life, socially , mentically and above all my day job? I failed over a 1000 times and then I thought ”I must make it as simply as can be, that thinking about food, choosing food, eating it, cannot be hard”.

So no meal-prep, no calorie counting etc.

I found out that this helped me a bit, so maybe It can help you to.

Tips that really works:

  • choose food that need less preparation (can of beans, piece of fruit, yoghurt)
  • dont eat after your last dinner (binge zone)
  • stick to the plan (thats all you need yo do)
  • go and stop working around eight or ten (your choice) and give yourself me time
  • go and take showers or make love to your guy/wife, keeps you distracted
  • when going to the gym, go in the evening
  • Tell people you are on a diet and that you binge (it’s hard, but they can put a hold)
  • dont sit in the kitchen
  • Do go out and do activities
  • have something in your mouth (licorice, chewing gum, leaf etc)
  • dont keep binge shit in your house and if people bring it in, throw it in the trash or put it outside.
  • Dont keep track of your calories, just aim low but healthy (not under 1200 kcal)

When reading this, most of the tips are for weightloss as well, because a lot of people already went over their healthy weight. If you are binging while having anorexia, boulimia or another common illness, please do not go for a weightloss haul. YOUR GONNA FAIL LIKE SHIT. First give a signal that it’s oke body, your getting enough food on equal times a day and no I will not puke it out. I CAN GUARANTEE YOU, YOU WILL STOP BINGING. Not at once, but it will. For both sides of the scale, take a timer. For letting the food go down and for recognizing signals of fullness.

Hopefully usefull

Big huggs,


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