your body and the holidays, 10 tips

So the holidays can be a nightmare for people trying to shed a few pounds. I to hate holidays that build their days solo on food. Why? BECAUSE FOR FUCKING SAKE, IT IS NOT ABOUT THE FOOD, IT IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE! So shall we go on?

A lot of holidays like thanksgiving was about sharing food, so ofcourse I get that. But 9/10 times you are ther for the company you enjoy from others and keep that In mind. No one is going to say: ”oohh Jim, why did you only took chickenbreast, kale and some potato? why are you leaving the pumpkin pie Jim?” And even if they do, just say you have a stomach ache or that you truly have goals with your body this year and stuffing yourself at the moment isn’t going to bring you shit.

If they have the balls to scold you, so do you ;p

  1. Keep focusing on the people and the atmosphere
  2. Tell the truth and say your mindfully eating
  3. Drink enough water
  4. dont starve yourself for this dinner, eat high protein beforehand and eat a normale size
  5. If you want pie, YOU GET PIE!
  6. Don’t take leftovers home
  7. Dont do alcohol
  8. Go for a good laugh or deep conversation
  9. Dont think you screwed up, you did not.
  10. Try to fill up your own plate and keep it with one serving


Hopefully It helped


Big kisses,


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