I advice you to do the same! Stay human! Love, Queeny
I find it always so strange to look back at my own food. It is something that has become so
Well, the photo says it all I believe. That 6 six-pack of desperados is killing me XD. Oké, but now
person holding note with be kind text
I am writing this blog as an addition to my last podcast episode #20 foodshaming. If you haven't checked that
Aahh calorie counting. I hate it that consumers have access to this :,). Not because I don’t want them to
Low fat foods, high volume foods and low calorie drinks. All of them taste like heaven when you are dieting
Beste lezers, Als er iets is waar ik blij over ben na acht jaar met voeding bezig te zijn, dan
Dear readers, I have not posted a blog about this for such a long time! So I might as well
Dear readers, Your eating disorder is a coping mechanism. There I said it and I bet that you may have