Hello readers, Therapy is something a lot of people with an eating disorder either fear, look up to or do
Hello readers, I find it kinda scary to write this. Because such a helpful mindset is going to get some
Hello readers, We all want to be more sustainable, but how do we do that? Today I translated the page
Hello readers, Another what I ate. To be honest; I never put so much afford in making pics of my
Hello readers, Let's start out with one thing. Everyone in the ED community has one or more fearfoods. I WILL
Hello readers, In the Netherlands we have/had this great campaign 'eetwissel' translated to 'swapping products. I am a huge fan
Hello readers, So this is a little overview of what I ate last week. It is at random and there
Hello readers,  your questions answered. Do I have to take extra vitamin D when I am at home because of
Hello readers, In a time were people are looking for the solution, it is important to stay sober or how
Hello readers, When having an eating disorder and depending in which state it is, it can be that you feel