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Welcome to the I AM STUFFED BLOG

Hello readers,

Welcome to the I AM STUFFED BLOG ! (^_^) This is my first post since ages. I had to put I AM STUFFED on a hold, because of crazy busy times. The website got a makeover too and now I’m back!  By the way… A corona-virus pandemic is sweeping the world ! I am shocked how the world can change so fast. Now I’m wearing a mask to protect myself, for prevention of infection, I look sick, but that’s because I cannot breath in this damn thing. (-_-‘)

What I ate the last week before and during the Lock-down. I have taken some pictures from my food from the past week. Enjoy this one guys!

I started last week with some drinks (actually all you see here is tea, there’s no alcohol in it). It’s a Matcha Latte and some hibiscus type of tea (the red/orange one). It was great catching up with friends again. My friend brought a belated birthday gift for the other friend and we were all emotional on how much effort she put in it. (T^T)

Food for my dogs. They get fresh foods 80% of the time. One is 15 years of age and the other 10. This is broccoli, eggs, ham and some kibble.

I had a salad with chicken, roasted almonds and some dressing (Thousand Island I believe). I often eat a bit lower in carb to get my veggies in.

After a funeral (yes I know this looks strange), we went out for Burger King. We got those deals for 5 euros and shared it with 4 people. These meals contain 1000 calories each (so 2000 calories)!

The next day I had some pumpkin soup with a little petite pain.

Some low-carb meal I made for lunch. 😀 That’s salmon guys!

85% dark chocolate as a snack

I woke and this was breakfast! :0 Eggs, ground beef, salmon and a big ass salad!

God that looks dirty, but believe me that (Italian) Malaga Ice-cream is the shit! Very delicious!

Slowly we are getting a bit of a stock at home. I started buying cans of beans and also dried beans. As they are very nutritious if you combine it with whole wheat pasta or brown rice.

Eating left overs, because going out is a bit of a struggle these days.

My friend is home alone feeling sad and she sent me this pic of this great quiche!

When washing hand meme has taken over the world…. Do take it serious though!

And then we stop here. This is Amsterdam at the moment……

Be safe and stay home. Take care you all.



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  1. Thanks Justin! the theme is anissa. I like simplistic theme’s, cuz they make the message clear. Stay safe!

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