Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay at once or in phases?

Back in the day; we would let people pay per month. Due to heavy pressure for the administration we ask cliënts to pay in one go or in two terms. The only exclusion in this are the eating disorder patients. Often this group is young and do not have the finance to pay this at once.

Can I choose a package on itself, without the other subject?

Yes you can! Not everybody needs support in every pillar we aim for at IAMSTUFFED. So; we give the options for complete packages or pillars on themselves.

There is the choice for helping out with clothing. This does not sound like a health service? So why offer it?

The owner from IAMSTUFFED has been around fashion since the day she was born. Having over 10+ years experience and an employee with over 35 years experience . They both saw one thing in everyone. If people develop their health- and thought pattern; they start to see things differently, act different and wear different outfits. Of course body compositions are changing as well. And what to do if you have never shopped for smaller/bigger clothing? To support clients in their journey; we offer support as a personal stylist. This can be done physical or online.

”I highly recommend this for people who always have been on the heavier side and have problems to accept they are thinner now. Next to this group, people with an eating disorder tend to have a lot of negative feelings towards changing cloth sizes (I most definitely had that, I felt lost and not connected with the body I had). I would also advice this group to book one session for once.” – Queeny (owner)-

How does the personal training option work?

This really depends if a individual or a group (often a company) buys a package. Groups can have training’s at their building or a park. Individuals can have training’s at home, parks or another location by their choice. Your personal trainer will fill in each training by choice, unless we agreed on a program (for example 10 weeks of strength training). The personal trainer will also bring all the material. The training’s are 60 minutes. So there can be a proper warming-up, rest in between exercises and cooling-down.

How does the nutrition advice (& nutrition psychology) work?

This depends which subject is chosen and what works for the person. IAMSTUFFED facilitates in fluid guidance for clients. Meaning; that everybody is unique and everybody needs something slightly different, That’s why face-to-face, Whatsapp-contact, Zoom-meetings, E-mails, Instagram dm’ing and house visits are all a possibility! Even ways that are not listed here above. Whatever form we choose, you will obtain information about nutrition psychology.

I have an injury, what now?

We always send out an intake form. In this (either for one person or a whole group) we want some information about your overall health. So we can keep an eye on you during the membership if you already start out with injuries. Our experts will adjust the exercise for you. Always tell the trainer (the trainer will ask at every lesson) if you have an injury.

What do you offer?

At IAMSTUFFED we offer the fullpackage! But to remember you what we have; here’s a list:

  • Nutrition advice by dietitians (specific for the groups: hormones, weight loss and eating disorders)
  • Personal training by certified personal trainers
  • E-books with information about different dietary topics
  • Personal Stylist for after your journey here at IAMSTUFFED to find the right style for the new you!
  • Lifestyle coaching by certified lifestyle coaches
  • accredited courses about hormones and eating disorders (in English) for dietitians and other healthcare professionals
  • support of a psychologist and social worker

I am not happy with the services! Can I have a refund?

A refund at IAMSTUFFED is not the full amount. The reason why? We need to pay our staff and it took time behind the scenes to prepare everything for you. We refund 40% of the amount.

Can I buy packages from this site if I am under 18?

No, only with supervision and a signature of your parents/caretakers giving you permission.

How long is the package valid?

Your chosen package is valid for a year.

What does your eating disorder treatment looks like?

Everybody with an eating disorder is different. Therefore; food wise there are many different approaches. If you have a BMI below 18,5 we do not facilitate services online. Do you live in the Netherlands? Then it is possible to get help with a BMI below 18,5 here at IAMSTUFFED. Because physical real life appointments are possible. This is for safety reasons. We always work multidisciplinary. This means that the dietitian/lifestyle coach are not your only healthcare supporters. You must have a General practitioner OR social worker OR psychologist as support as well. We will never count calories, use scales or put you on a fitness diet here. We zoom in on the foods you currently feel comfortable with and apply them. We also zoom in on fearfoods and slowly introduce them. Next to that, weight gain or weight loss will not be the main priority instantly. There are so many forms to work with; food schedules, your own way as a client you prefer, food swaps you name it! There are however a few core elements that come back: the eating disorder recovery book, adjusting/enriching knowledge about food & your body, and Whatsapp contact. A food schedule or training schedule depends on the situation.

What are the pillars of IAMSTUFFED?

The main pillar is to facilitate everything for the proces of behavour change. We divide this in the following sub- pillars:

  • nutrition (and nutrition psychology )
  • personal training
  • lifestyle coaching
  • personal styling

We do have a sequence in this. We start out with the first three pillars with a client and end with the last pillar (personal styling).

What makes you different?

The fact we zoom-in on behavior (often the cause of the problem) than just the problem. We don’t quick-fix a problem. The problem is the symptom from something deeper. your problem is actually the end result. We do not start at the end result, we start at the beginning. Next to this, we do offer the pillars individually, but we do highly recommend you take a full package to be fully helped out. Often that’s why people don’t have long term results, because companies do not offer a full package.

Who am I going to work with?

We actually match you with a specialist that will be your main person for your journey. This will be based on the information that you give us.

You also give courses, for who are they?

The courses are for professionals and guest who are interested in the subjects. The courses we offer are hormones and eating disorders. the biggest difference between the professionals and guests are in the handouts. The professionals get more handouts, because they work with clients and need more tools.

Can I cure due to this course?

Well curing from hormone problems or an eating disorder can be done (hormone problems sometimes do need medical interventation). But to say to you ”you will cure from this course!”. No, I am not going to say that. You will maybe have some insights that can help. Especially for the eating disorder group.

I am a dietitian do I really need these courses?

In my opinion, the hormone course is very valuable for every dietitian. Eating disorders is a specific group, but a very very valuable skill to master. But as a regular dietitian you will always encounter men, non-binary or women with hormone problems.