Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for a membership?

Well, everybody above 18 years. If you are under eighteen years old, please have a written statement of your parents/caretaker. This is including an e-mail and phone number. So we can verify the statement. After that, you are good to go!

What if I am not satisfied?

If you are not satisfied with the membership, you will get a 30 % refund back. This is because you still have the meal plan, training schedule and E-book. Please request the refund in 15 days. Otherwise this option will not be possible.

Do I get different training schedules?

Yes, depending on how long your membership is (more than 3 months). You will get different training schedules. There is the option for full body, split and upper- and lower body.

Why should I do the mini?

Well, in the mini you get 20 questions answered that are at the tip of your tongue. No questions that are wondering in your mind anymore! The answers will always be evidence-based. Meaning, there is a no bullshit policy and science will back-up the answers. This is through e-mail. So, you will always have the answers archieved in your mail.

How many contact moments are there?

This differs per type of program. Most programs offer one video call a month and two chat moments per week. Only eating disorder- and VIP clients have more contact. The video calls are 30 minutes a time.

Why do I get an E-book with the membership?

An E-book with information is really helpful for self-study. Next to the information you get during a chat conversation or video call, it’s important to have the information close by hand. And be active with the given information, when your coach is not around.

Who am I talking to?

For the moment you are talking to the CEO/Founder Queeny. There are plans for in the future to expand IAMSTUFFED. But for now these are not prevalent.

I have an eating disorder. Is it a good idea to have an online membership at IAMSTUFFED?

This really depends per person and situation. IAMSTUFFED always recommends to work multidisciplinary when someone has an eating disorder. This means, that you include more experts in your recovery. Like a therapist and general practitioner. This is a battle that needs a good team to win it. So yes, a membership is always an option, but don’t make it your only resource.

How do I know if I am healing my chronical disease (diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol etc) when working with IAMSTUFFED online?

Recommended is to go to your general practitioner for blood tests or other tests. It is important to share this information with IAMSTUFFED! Without that information it is hard to see how your body reacts to certain adjustments.

Do I need to share my medication, vitamin pills and other supplements with you?

Yes, please do! Share everything you are taking at the moment. Even when it are substances like soft/hard drugs. This will stay confidential.

What is the VIP- packet?

The VIP-packet is a special packet with full on service. Meaning 7 days a week 24/7 full on chat options, video calls 24/7, all E-books are available and online personal training.

I eat plant-based/vegan; can I be a member?

Very much a YES! I love the variety of a vegan diet and making meal plans involving plant-based foods.

I follow a ketogenic diet; can I be a member?

Most definitely! If eating ketogenic makes you feel well, we are going to incorporate it into your lifestyle as best as possible!

Do I have to give a photo for the testimonials?

No of course not! IAMSTUFFED would appreciate it though. The quote is mandatory when you sign up. One sentence is more than enough, but more is always welcome.

Can I write a blog too?

Yes you can! We love your stories. A what I eat in a day. Your journey, you name it! You can send an e-mail to info@iamstuffed.nl