Working Method

IAMSTUFFED is a Dietitian Practice with the point of view to avoid a “one size fits all” approach. Every gender, age, profession, culture background and character type of person who walks through the doors; needs something else.

Due to these major differences, we also have 3 options for clients:

  1. Dietetics (will be reimbursed)
  2. Personal training (we work with ride cards)
  3. 3Lifestyle coaching (via Fysioholland GLI; reimbursed)

These can be combined or performed separately.

What can you expect?

  1. During dietetic consultations, we look at your request for help and which treatment method is most suitable. This can vary a lot. From personal nutritional advice, weekly schedules, guidelines, eliminate/reintroduce or keep an app. We set goals in every consultation. In addition, we also go through various topics in every consultation to enrich your knowledge. This directly applies to your request for help. This will be explained through a PowerPoint or orally. In addition, there is also a whatsapp function. Questions will be asked between the consultations tomorrow.
  2. We carry out personal training by means of a ride card. The prices also differ because of this. See the heading about “personal training & prices” to gain insight into this. You will be provided with a training schedule (for when you do not train with the trainer). But there is also a clean towel, bottle of water and a protein bar with every training. You are trained for 60 minutes. Our vision is that we provide knowledge to clients during their training. So that they can also continue independently. You will also receive a personal nutrition schedule. With every training you get the key points of how you perform the exercises properly. We are also flexible in terms of location. We train with you outside or at home. And exceptionally in a gym (this is not always allowed in all gyms). And we arrange all the material for the training. You can train 1-on-1 with us, but also in small groups or large ones.
  3. Lifestyle coaching. The GLI (Combined Lifestyle Intervention) is fully reimbursed by the health insurer. This is carried out in collaboration with Fysioholland. Click on this link for more information:

We are lifestyle coach and dietitian in this process.