Dear Readers,

Of course at first this will look like a cliché site, a site about health, lifestyle, psychology, love and what more to talk about. Is this going to be a fitgirl again that will teach you a lesson, about what you should or should not do with food? Will this be a site where you need to hear how to exercise? Am I going to tell you how you can squeeze yourself into a size 0 …?

NOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

I myself have been allowed to experience everything in terms of nutrition and god it was a ride. I have avoided artificial foods, did too much exercise, too little exercise, eaten too healthy, eaten too “dirty”, have been too thick for my height/age , but also very thin. “I have been traveling while I was always at the same place”. What did this to me?

It has given me sarcasm, it has given me humor (okay no I am lying, I already had it: P) it made me less nervous about how life will go, it has changed my perspective on nutrition, it has made me do sports  that I really like, it has given me courage, but especially; it has given me STRENGHT.

My goal with this blog is to bring people back to the old days 😉

Of course I understand that you are thinking “Hey, what does that mean, what are the old days?”

Well, I hope to bring people, who have disrupted eating patterns, back to how it was before. How you learned it from your “mama”. Usually people diet for so long that normal food patterns are no longer there. The worst thing is that they DON’T ENJOY FOOD anymore!

They non-stop:

– counting calories
– avoid carbohydrates
– exercise excessively
– binge eating
– avoid foods (bread, fruit, low-fat margarine, sweets, pastries)
– and much more!

I want to give you KNOWLEDGE without a lot of crap around it. It can be about something psychological, It can be recipes, explaining a food, discussing fashion, Diet programs, sports,  “healthy” choices and helping people to improve their health. Improve and find a weight that suits them 😀

And about me? Who am I?

Well I am a dietician in training. I am 22 years old and live somewhere in Amsterdam: p

I love music (play guitar myself), my favorite music is from Queen and people say that I am married to my dog ​​(yes, that is correct).

With this blog I hope to give you the support you miss and I missed.

Big hug,