Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to pay in one time?

It is possible to do the payment in two fases. For personal training and courses 😊.

  • How long are the courses accessible?

A lifetime!

  • Why are the PT-sessions 80 euro’s an hour?

Because you get a training schedule, food schedule (personalized), 60 minutes pt-session, fresh towel every class, a protein bar every class, water bottle and weigh-ins.

  • Can I get a trainings schedule outside to train on my own?

Yes! It is included in your class pass.

  • Which time of the day can I train?

You can decide with your trainer. But we have the option for every season, 7 days a week and every moment of the day.

  • How much space is there needed to train?

This can differ a lot and is hard to say! It mostly depends on the type of training you chose.

  • I just had a child, can I train?

You should have a ‘’go’’ from your midwife that certain places of the body are healed. You can inform us about this in our medical questionnaire. Depending on the status of that, we adjust your training or you can just train without worries 😊.

  • Who is my trainer?

We actually match you with a trainer, regarding the information you give us. After a training date is set, we will send out the information of the trainer. You are always welcome to change the trainer!

  • What If I do not like the course?

That’s too bad to hear! We are sorry for that ☹. If people did not like the course, we offer them an extra appointment to address al their questions that were not answered.

  • I failed the test, can I retake it?

Of course! If you failed the first time, you can retake it for two times more.