The Basics Grocery List

Food groupsHow you should buy them
VegetablesAll fresh and from the freezer
FruitsAlle fresh and from the freezer
BreadWhole wheat spelt-, rye, wheat bread, whole wheat spelt, whole wheat knäckebröd and whole wheat rusk
CerealsOatmeal, quinoa flakes, puffed rice, buckwheat flakes, teff, muesli, weetabix and buckwheat grains
  Milk and milk products    Soymilk with added vitamins (B2, B12 and calcium).  Soy yoghurt (unsweetened), Soy quark. Cow milk: semi-skimmed milk or skimmed milk 0% fat quark, 10% Greek yogurt, 1,5% yogurt biogarde, semi-skimmed yogurt
Savoury breadspreads (<200 kcal/ 100 g or < 50 kcal/ portie)Avocado, hummus, sandwich spread, cucumber spread, tomato or eggplant salad, salads < 200 kcal/100 g, 100% peanut butter-, tahin, -nut butters, marmite  
CheeseCottage cheese, soft goat cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, 30+cheese
Sweet breadspreadsJam or apple syrup without added sugars, strawberries, banana and pure chocolate spreads
Vegetarian protein    Legumes, beans, tofu, cooked tahoe/tempé, lupine and seitan
Cooked eggs, poched eggs and scrambeld, chickenfilet, white fish, chickenbreast, salmon, mackerel, steak, filet mignon, tartare, minced meat 80/20 fat or 90/10 fat, Turkey breast, octopus, shrimp
potatoes/ (pseudo) grains/ legumes/ etc.All kind of beans, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, whole spell, whole barley, whole rye, boiled potatoes, brown rice, whole grain risotto, whole grains couscous, tarli, whole wheat wraps, brown bulgur and teff.
Fats for breadPlant-based fats (no palm, real butter and coconut oil) (<40g fat/100 g)
Fats for preparing meals  Plant-based fats (no palm or coconut oil) (<40g fat/100 g)
Sauces  Curry, tomato ketchup, ketjap, soysauce, teriyaki, mustard, worcester sauce, sambal, salad dressing,1 tbsp olive oil, mayonnaise light, light cooking cream and soy cooking cream
Cookies and biscuitsOat cookies, nut bar (per bar <8 grams of sugar), whole and wheat biscuit
Nuts and salty snacksOlives, pickles, trail mix, unsalted walnuts, -almonds, -paranots, -hazelnuts, cashew nuts, salty pretzel sticks,soup stems, salty/herb popcorn,  Macadamianuts, peanuts
Candy(Sugar free) chewing gum > 70% pure chocolate. Sugar free candy
Ice  Water popstickles, frozen yoghurt and protein ice cream

Disclaimer: This is a basic grocery list. IAMSTUFFED does not promote black and white thoughts around food. Meaning, that all foods are well, even junkfood! But having the basics at home is a good idea. So you can get your micronutrients in.