The founder of IAMSTUFFED: Queeny June Borgman. Born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Having an Indian mother and a Dutch father. Believing in ”stop the diets, feed your mind, don’t be hard on yourself and give it time”. Queeny is thriving to become one of the best dietitians of her generation.

Thank you for opening up this page!

I am Queeny June Borgman and owner of IAMSTUFFED. I started out with this company in 2017 during my study at the university of applied sciences. Back then, I could not be a dietitian yet. So, I mostly wrote evidence-based blogs for influencers about food in the Netherlands.
Since I have been a registered dietitian in the summer of 2020 and a NSCA personal trainer in the beginning of 2020. I can officially help people out on a medical level. Before this, I have been helping people out with gaining weight. Losing weight and gaining knowledge from 2012. Already 8 years. Crazy!
With IAMSTUFFED I am trying to help people out, but not like a regular ‘’dietitian way’’. Seeing you once a month or only writing a meal plan out is not my way to go. The full package is needed (meal plan, training schedules, E-books) and especially the mental part around food and exercise.
For example: If you don’t like fitness or the gym, why on earth should you be doing that? What makes you fear carbs? What was your relation with food when you were small or a teenager and how did this change overtime? Why do you fear gaining weight?

There is no one size fits all with me. Every single life on this earth eats and moves different. Every single day.
I have tried almost every diet from the book, gained muscle, was ripped at some point, lost muscle, was too skinny, was chubby, lost my period, gained my period and so much more. Especially the last four made me an experience expert in lifestyle around your period (menstrual cycle) and almost all eating disorders.
My goal is to make people find their ‘’chill’’ around food, mindset and exercise. Meaning, that whatever their goal is. It can be incorporated in their lifestyle and becomes a second nature.
I think what really divines me is the word ‘’perseverance’’. Because I have not always been in the best situations, but made the best out of it by knowing I can step out of it.
Furthermore, I love me some good old Queen music. You can find me petting dogs pretty much anytime when I am at a park. I love it that I am Dutch, Indian and Jewish. Because it gives me such a variety of food and knowledge! I think I am a biscoff addict :0.
And my favorite quote (yes, I am going to be cliché) is: ‘’If you are never going to do it. The answer is always NO!’’

Much love,