Personal Training Information & Group Training

At IAMSTUFFED we give courses and personal training. But of course, we do it different in suppose to others 😉.  We always have your back, because every training include extra’s.

Our extra’s for every training:

  • Water bottle
  • Fresh towel
  • Protein bar
  • Body measurement by smartscale*

*Every 2 weeks, if wanted. This includes body weight, BMI, bodyfluid %, bodyfat % and bone weight

The types of training we offer:

  • Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Strength & conditioning training
  • HIIT
  • Strength training

All trainings are 60 minutes and include a warming-up, main training and cooling down. We provide all of the training gear, but you are always welcome to add your own training gear to the training. Locations of the trainings can be outdoor (park, garden) or indoor (gym or at home). We work with different types of training schedules (full body, upper lower split, push and pull). And also give you an additional training schedule to train without personal trainer. Next to that, we have an intake of 45 minutes per person for your food schedule or another form of guiding regarding nutrition.

We give classes up to 4 people regarding our standard packaging. For big companies (see other chart) there are different prices, but groups can be as big up till 20 people!


  • Amsterdam
  • Haarlem
  • Zaandam
  • Purmerend
  • Diemen
  • Volendam
  • Amstelveen
  • Hoofddorp
  • Weesp
  • Muiden
  • Wormerveer


We only use the class passes that we sell. If you are interested, you always can experience FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION 😊. This session is 30 minutes. Furthermore, keep in mind that you can get the VAT% back that is included in the price.

Our class passesPersonal use / Companies

15 training sessions (ride card)15 x €65 = €975
25 training sessions (ride card)25 x €60 = €1500
45 training sessions (ride card)45 x €55 = €2475
65 training sessions (ride card)65 x €50 = €3250
105 training sessions (ride card)105 x €45 = €4725

For your information

  • The class pass is valid for a year
  • You can plan the trainings whenever you want (every season, every vacation and every time of day).
  • You can train as much as you want in the week.
  • You can specifically choose for a male or female trainer. 

Groepslessons NDSM-terrain

De groepslessons are near the EYE- museum. They are outside and need a minimum of 3 participants up to 16 participants. We offer:

  • HIIT
  • Strength training
  • HIIT & Boxing
  • Boxing
  • IAMSTUFFED training (intensive training, 90 seconds stations with more cardio than Strenght)


Wij work with ride cards. De grouplessons are of course cheaper than the 1-on-1 trainings:

10 trainings (ride cards) 10 x €15= €15,00 (€15.00 per lesson + 1 lesson free)

20 trainings (ride cards) 20 x €12,50 = €250 (€12,50 per lesson + 1 lesson free)

30 trainings (ride cards) 30 x €7,50 = €300 (€10,00 per lesson + 1 lesson free)

We are partners from OneFit & hopefully soon Classpass (update will follow)

One time class/introduction class is €15,00.


Monday 7:15:-8:15 [HIIT] – 18:15-19:15 [HIIT]

Tuesday 7:15:-8:15 [STRENGTH TRAINING] – 18:15-19:15 [HIIT]

Wednesday 7:15:-8:15 [HIIT]

Thursday 7:15:-8:15 [HIIT] – 18:15-19:15 [HIIT & BOXING]

Friday 7:15:-8:15 [STRENGTH TRAINING]

Saturday 09:30 [YOGA]

Sunday 10:00 [HIIT & BOXING]

LOCATION: Céramiquelaan ( BEHIND the EYE-museum. Lessons are outside in the grass or on the concrete floor (depending on the weather)