The costs of dietary advice from a dietician are reimbursed from the basic insurance. You are of course also entitled to this if you have supplementary insurance. These costs are deducted from the deductible. If you have run out of your deductible, you can still come by and it will be reimbursed by the health insurer. Currently, 3 hours are reimbursed. Some additional packages reimburse more than 3 hours. Do you want to know exactly how it is with you? Then call your health insurer.

What do you take with you when you visit the dietitian?

  1. A referral letter (you can also arrange this with your GP after the consultation).
  2. A valid form of ID with your BSN number on it.

Chain care

There are more treatment moments for chain care clients (people with COPD, diabetes or diseases that fall under CVRM). Do you want to know how many there are for you? Contact your health insurer. Specifically for chain care clients, it is an obligation to have a referral. With this you can therefore claim more treatment moments than when you are not covered.

The own risk

With basic insurance, in most cases you have to pay the deductible. Dietary advice also falls under the deductible. In 2023, the deductible is fixed at € 385. In some types of insurance you can also have a voluntary deductible. Do you want to know how much you have already used? Contact your health insurer.

No deductible

If it concerns a person under the age of 18. Children do not have a deductible, so dietary advice is really free! Dietary advice for chain care patients is also not deducted from the deductible. When you are a chain care patient, it depends on various factors. Ask your doctor if you have heart disease (CVRM), COPD or diabetes.

Additionally insured

In addition to the basic insurance, additional health insurance also reimburses a number of hours of dietary advice. This depends on how you have put together your package. With a supplementary insurance policy, you do not pay an excess on this. However, you will first be entitled to the 3 hours that you will be reimbursed as standard and only then the additional hours. The deductible is therefore associated with those 3 hours.

The difference between diet advice & nutritional advice?

Some health insurers do reimburse nutritional advice from the supplementary insurance. This type of advice is not necessarily linked to illnesses, but more to a desire to lose some weight (compared to Obesity). Check with your health insurer how this works.

Pay yourself?

Would you like to come by again after your three-hour allowance? Or do you want to pay for it out of your own pocket? Which can!

The rates are as follows:

ConsultationDuration in minutes Tariffs
Intake60 minutes €80
Personal nutritional advice15-45 minutes €40
Follow-up consultation short15 minutes €20
Follow-up consultation normaal30 minutes €40
Follow-up consultation long45 minutes €60

Cancel & No show

You can cancel within 24 hours. If the Appointment is not canceled within 24 hours; will be charged 50% of the fare. No show (no show) is 100% charge the amount. Reason for this? By not showing up or canceling too late; the position could have been filled by another client.