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General sales, delivery and payment of www.iamstuffed.nl

Article 1. Definition
1.1 www.iamstuffed.nl is an online dietitian practice selling consolations, memberships, E-books, trainings schedules, meal plans and merchandise.

Article 2. Relevance
2.1 The terms, agreements and conditions apply on all offers, accounts and purchases when using the website ww.iamstuffed.nl

2.2 Accepting an offer, making an account or placing an order is subject to acceptance of the applicability of these conditions.

Article 3. Agreements
3.1 An agreement is concluded after acceptance of the order or account by a customer on www.iamstuffed.nl. www.iamstuffed.nl can refuse orders and/or can request additional information. If an order is not accepted the reason will be communicated to the customer.

Article 4. Articles
4.1 Images used are for illustration. The color of the delivered item(s) may differ.
4.2 It’s possible there is only one of the item(s) in stock. The article may have already been sold, without this being visible on the site. You will receive an email message.

4.3 Meal plans, training plans, consolations and E-books are digital products. The description what is given to the products is what you get.

Article 5. Price
5.1 The prices of the items are in Euros. Administrative costs are, unless stated otherwise, included in the prices. For orders from abroad there are different conditions.
5.2 For shipments to countries other than the Netherlands, the contribution of the shipping costs depends on the country. Often these costs will be included in the price(s) of the product(s). (Shipping costs vary depending on a variety of factors, from package measurements, shipment type, weight, location, and more. Sometimes Flat-rate shipping is applied. Flat-rate shipping is a method where the cost of e-commerce shipping is determined by the size of the box or envelope, rather than by the dimensional (DIM) weight of the item(s) being shipped.)
5.3 www.iamstuffed.nl cannot be held responsible for price indications that are clearly incorrect, for example as a result of obvious import or printing errors. No rights can be derived from incorrect price information. Same goes for errors in the digital ordering of memberships, merchandise, E-books, meal plans and training schedules.

Article 6. Payments
6.1 After placing an order, the customer will receive a confirmation by e-mail.
6.2 Payment is always made in advance and must be met, then the order will be shipped or send digital (E-books, meal plans and training plans). Completely within 7 days after the order date, unless it’s a product that should be shipped outside the Netherlands.
6.3 When paying by bank transfer, the date of the payment to the date of crediting the bank account of www.iamstuffed.nl is valid.

Article 7. Delivery
7.1 www.iamstuffed.nl strives to ship orders within 1-2 business days after receiving a valid payment.

7.2 www.iamstuffed.nl strives to send you the digital products directly after payment. Digital products will be given, when the transaction has successfully been transferred.
7.3 The final delivery time is 7 days after receipt of payment, except if the products needs to get shipped outside Europe. When your order has been shipped you will immediately get a conformation e-mail by www.Iamstuffed.nl.
7.4 If delivery is delayed, or if an order cannot be carried out, only partially, the customer receives it later than 7 days after the order is placed.
7.5 Addressing is based on the data entered by the customer. So please make sure the information you have entered is correct. If the data are not entered correctly by you, www.iamstuffed.nl is not liable for misdirected orders.
7.6 Shipping is via PostNL, DHL or Fedex (or others). When sending via post/mail/parcel you will receive the track & trace number that allows you to track your package. (In some cases, this service does not apply)
7.7 www.iamstuffed.nl is not responsible for lost mailbox delivery. Orders can be shipped via parcel post by request fee.

Article 8. Property reservation
The ownership of supplied products is only transferred if the customer respects the agreement(s) of the supplied products and has payed for it to www.iamstuffed.nl. If not, the products or services still remain property of www.iamstuffed.nl.

Article 9. Exchange or return
9.1 The exchange of products is not always possible. For merchandise it is not possible when these are underpants or foods, because of hygienic purposes. Other products can be returned. E-books, meal plans, training plans or consultations cannot be returned. Memberships can be returned in 14 days.
9.2 For returns the following conditions apply:
After a shipment of your (physical product) order, you have 30 days to return your order. After this period, the sale cannot be dissolved and is final.
a. The goods must be in original condition and unworn, with attached card and if packed in their original packaging to sit.
b. If you want to return goods, this should be made clear to www.iamstuffed.nl via info@iamstuffed.nl, and follow further instructions.
d. The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the purchaser. Inadequate or postage returns are not accepted by us, regardless of the reason for the return.
e. In return the purchase price (excluding postage) will be forwarded to you within 30 days.

9.3 Memberships can only be returned in 14 days. You will get 30% back of the purchased price. This is because of the work that went into the personal plan. And because you already have the product and downloaded it.

Article 10. Liability
10.1 www.iamstuffed.nl is not liable if a defect or damage arises to your (physical product) order. www.iamstuffed.nl is also not responsible for the mental health or physical outcome of following a plan. The follower of a plan is responsible for fully communicating with his/her/they dietitian and talk about struggles, difficulties that arise during his/her/they journey. We always advice you to work multidisciplinary when having chronical diseases, hormonal problems or eating disorders. This means that a dietitian is not enough! But rather adding a general practitioner, doctor or psychologist.  

Article 11. Copyright
All information on this site is copyrighted. It is not permitted without prior written consent of www.iamstuffed.nl to copy, information, photos or share sold products (meal plans, training plans or E-books). Of this site to distribute or otherwise in any form whatsoever. Doing this is a criminal offence and will be prosecuted.