Bulking up ! – General Membership – 12 Months


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General Membership – 12 Months

€25,00 a month

online coaching
2 chats weekly
1 video-call a month

€25,00 x 12 months = €300,00

Nutrition plan
Training schedules
E-book Bulking up!
Every month video call
2 days a week chat option

Bulking up

Did you know that gaining weight slowly and exercising the right amount, can give you more muscle? If not, now you do! With the bulking up plan we look at your diet, your training schedule, your mindset and we inform you by an E-book. Bulking is essential for more muscle growth and can be very contradicting (and maybe even scary). Especially, if you are only used to losing weight. In this package you will have:

  • Every month (based on chosen membership) 60-minute consultations
  • E-book Bulking up
  • 7 days a week chat option, so you can always ask your questions
  • Training schedule (that will be adjusted overtime for variety; with memberships 6 or 12 months)
  • Nutrition plan adjusted to your taste, religion and values


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